[REBLOG] Letting It Go

Reblogged from Nemo @ The Moonlight Library:

A blog post, in response to some of this recent book reviewer ruckus.


"And when I get a shitty review because somebody doesn't like my story, or they think my characters suck, I might call my husband and whine for a minute, but then I dust my shoulders off, put on my BGP's and ask myself if there's something I can learn from their feedback.  Can I learn something from every review, good or bad?  Fuck no.  But it's not a reader's responsibility to tell me how to do my job better- that's my editor's job.  So I take a review and I either learn from it, or I discard it; but in a million years, I would NEVER think, "That reviewer really needs to look back over their job description.""

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