Unravel Me  - Tahereh Mafi I just love the way Tahereh MAfi writes. In one point in this novel Juliette says something in her navigation along the lines of 'it's like someone picked up the ocean and filled it with silence and dumped it all over us.' and I love it. I love how poetic and abstract her writing is. I like it when an author can bend the English language, knowing how much it irks some people, and do this with it. A lot of people hate it, but the visuals it gives me are just incredibly and I love it.

Juliette spent most of this book pissing me off, but I like her development in the last half, and I loved Warner and Kenji. Adam pissed me off quite a bit as well- but then, he always has. So yeah.

Can't wait for the next book.

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