Spoiled - Heather Cocks, Jessica  Morgan
This novel was ridiculously cute!

Spoiled is the story of Molly and her new found sister Brooke, who are the daughters of one of the worlds most famous movie stars.

I have to say I was immediately hooked by the voice the authors used. I also loved the verb tense! Past tense has become rarer than rare in YA contemporary these days. I also really enjoyed the fact that the story was told in third person.

The characters in the book were really believable too. It wasn't perfect; the climax wasn't very satisfying, and the conflict wasn't really resolved in the end of the book. I felt like there also should have been more build-up to the climax, and a bit more risk, for the characters. But, maybe things will be explored more in the sequel, which I'm pretty exited to read.

The best way for me to describe the novel would be fun. It was just a good, short read.


Fun moments
Perfectly awkward social blunders
sibling wars
celebrity name-dropping (Katy Perry, Matthew McCaughnahey, Zac Efron)
cool fashion
great settings
three-dimensional characters
oblivious parents
catty bitches
clever insults


dialog is sometimes unrealistic or choppy
not all conflict is resolved
not enough at stake for characters
more build-up to the climax is needed
climax not exiting or dramatic enough
sub-plots need development
certain characters didn't go through any development


The novel is a lot of fun to read, and will be enjoyed by anyone looking for a fun contemporary, but if you're looking for something serious, with great, vivid and emotional writing and a groundbreaking plot, try something else; save this one for another day.

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