The Island - Jen Minkman Four stars.

The island is an addicting dystopian novella, told from the point of view of Leia, a sixteen year old girl living in a village of children, on an island away from their parents. In Leia's world, you move to the island, with the other children, and learn to survive on your own, and connect with your 'force'. On the children's island is a wall, separating the parent's and the children's world from the land of the fools. The fools don't believe in the force, and they build large ships to explore the ocean that leads to world's end. No one in Leia's world has ever crossed the wall, or met a fool- until now.

This novella was addicting, interesting in all the right ways. I had a few faults with it, but those can't be helped. I honestly think that this should be longer. If it were a full length novel, It probably would have been good enough to garner five stars from me. The world is well fleshed out, and very interesting -I found myself reading it all in one sitting just to figure out what had happened to the world to make it like this- and I think it was the characters, and how fast everything went, that took away from the novellas quality.

There were a lot of times when I thought Leia's character development was just too blatant, and that it should have been more subtle. A lot of 'but deep in my heart, I felt the same way.' Her love interest, Walt 'the fool' was hard to get a read on. He didn't really have much character development- in fact none of the characters but Leia and Sol had any character development. Sol is the leader of the children's island, and he is a bit of a maniac.

The plot moved really quickly, jumping from scene to scene after a few pages. I feel like, had the scenes been longer, and more focused, they would have been much better. We were always told about how awesome a certain character was, but then never got the chance to see them being awesome in action. I would have liked some examples of how they ere awesome or strong or kind. They should have been more fleshed out, really. But I did enjoy the writing and the plot overall, and it went really quickly, adding up the action and challenge for the characters after every scene. When the world was finally explained I loved it, the way it was laid out was perfect, and believable.

The best thing about the novel had to be the writing voice. Jen Minkman's/Leia's voice is so refreshing and it just added so much t the story. Definitely an author to look out for in the future.

All in all The Island is a short, enjoyable read, and I plan on reading more from Jen Minkman in the future! I would recommend this to anyone who loves an edge-of-your-seat dystopian.

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