The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon - Stephen King This was just so . . . chilling. I remember when I first read it, it was in a three day-period in the beginning of the summer. I'd just moved into a new house way outside the city, and we own eleven acres of forest on our property (I still live in this house, I'm sitting in it now as I type this in the same room I read the book in)and it was exactly the type of forest I pictured the book in. I had yet to unpack my many boxes, so I couldn't find my own books, and took this from one of my Moms shelves. (Mom unpacks really fast).
I hadn't even put a curtain up yet, so while I was sitting on my mattress (on the floor because I hadn't put the bed-frame together yet either) I kept staring out at the woods while reading and I felt like I was being watched.
It's a great book, although I feel the climax could have been more put-together, more dramatic. I think the lord of the lost would have tried harder, given it more of his attention and will and power, to keep her in the forest.

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