Elixir - Hilary Duff, Elise Allen This was very Similar to like, a ton of books I've read- mostly evermore- but it didn't annoy me as much as evermore did, so, props to the writer(s). I'm not sure how much of this book Hilary wrote herself, but I'm going to guess she did do half the work- it seems Elise was a guide to help turn what Hilary had written into a book, because originally Hilary had written it as a script for television. Elise kind of made her career out of turning shows and movies into books, so it makes sense that Hilary would request her help. I do like Hilary, which is why I bought this. I mean, I grew up watching her in Lizzie McGuire, and in all of those sweet movies she did, so I figured I would like this. (Lizzie MCQuire, and the Lizzie McQuire movie, were my childhood.)

I didn't hate this, despite the copy-cat plot and annoying characters, the writing wasn't that bad, really. The insta-love was excruciating, especially that sex scene. I mean- really Clea and Sage? Really?

Anyways, I gave it three stars because it distracted me from my insane family during Christmas Eve.

The first half of the book was pretty good. It was the second half when characters started acting stupid, reckless, and whiny and annoying. I think if that half of the book had been cleaned up, and Clea had let Sage kill himself to save the lives of all the mortals involved in the cycle, then it would have been a great book. It could have been a stand-alone, and it could have been good. Unfortunately in an attempt to turn it into a series, the second half was bogged down by Clea's newfound idiocy, and bad decisions all around. It was one great big ball of disappointment. Still, I'll read the sequel. Maybe it will get better?

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