The Blessed - Tonya Hurley
Slut shaming: Was the slut shaming in the book an opinion of the authors or a statement she was making? It would be easy to say that all of the slut shaming in the book was the authors way of saying 'don't have sex kids, or you're a slut and a whore!' but I highly doubt that's the case. After reading the bits about the miscarriage and abortion, and the rape, I'm led to believe that Tonya Hurley was making a statement with her writing. A lot of people can't see that, though, because it isn't spelled out for them in blood and stone, but sometimes subdued metaphors and subtle actions and thoughts make a stronger statement than blatantly arguing your ideas. So which is it?

Media and it's control on the public: How much control does the media have over us? How much influence over our thoughts and actions? I'd bargain it's a lot. It shapes the way we see the world and each other, and that isn't a good thing. Free thought and speech are important. We can't trust everything the media shows us, or tells us is the norm. We need to have our own ideas and opinions, and trust in ourselves.

Polygamy/monogamy: Can a polygamous relationship be as rewarding and meaningful as a monogamous one? Is it a private matter, or a public one?

Cult or divine truth: Is Sebastian crazy, and the girls hallucinating? Or is Sebastian the reincarnation of Saint Sebastian? Is Dr. Frey really evil? Both ideas are plausible, but my own conclusion is that Sebastian, Lucy, Celia, and Agnes, are Saints.

Evil or misguided?

The importance of friends and dangers of isolation.

Technology vs. nature.

How weak our society is.

The curse of Hubris.

The villain is a mirror of the hero.

Does it matter whether the heroes are good people as long as they're fighting for the right side?

Is killing in self-defense alright? Where do we draw the line?

Spirits and souls; real or myth?

I didn't like a lot of the characters (I hated everyone, really) and I hated the fight scene at the end. The way the girls killed their enemies was horrible, and it made me sick to my stomach.

For all of these reasons, I gave the book two stars. The book is slow-paced. It's long and wordy. But, if you're an avid reader, and someone who can appreciate the pay-off of the final pages, I'd recommend the book.

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