The Nine Lives of Chloe King: The Fallen; The Stolen; The Chosen - Liz Braswell

Okay so I'm just now realizing that this book has a lot of really negative reviews. And a lot of them are just bullshit, slut-shaming and teen-shaming and just a bunch of unfair, idiotic things.

You read some of the reviews on this page and it pretty much seems like people are saying that Chloe is a selfish, unreliable brat and just a bad MC altogether. I find that pathetic. Being a teenager myself I can personally tell you that this is one of the most realistic books I've read from the point of view of a teen. Chloe has the same feelings towards her friends and family that all teenagers have all the time in their lives. Chloe thinks that her mom is way too much of a bitch sometimes, and she thinks that her best friends exclude her at times and act selfishly. yeah maybe she's wrong and they're just dealing with their own problems, maybe she thinks about herself too much- but you know what? That is what teenagers do. Our lives aren't all perfect friendships and great character development and witty remarks. We aren't smart, we aren't perfect- we're usually the opposite. we're bored all the time, and we can get angry for no reason- that's what being a teenager is like for some of us. Chloe has hormones, she swears, she breaks the rules, she thinks about sex. It's what teenagers do-it's how we feel. we're growing up and our bodies are changing-as corny as that sounds-and yeah were going to be assholes sometimes because we're confused and we're overemotional, just like everyone else in the world. Chloe is entitled to being a bitch sometimes-I've seen male characters her age excused for doing way worse things.

Chloe being selfish. Aside from dealing with the fact that she isn't human, this SIXTEEN YEAR OLD girl has to deal with someone trying to kill her, not to mention she's adopted and trying to deal with the death of the bio mother and sister she never knew and couldn't save. Plus she died-like SHE FUCKING FEEL OF OF FUCKING COIT TOWER. Near-death experiences can fuck a person up a bit.

As far as the love triangle goes: can everyone just to get over the fact that Chloe liked two guys at the same time, already? I mean really. There's a love triangle in pretty much every young adult book ever published, and you guys are being such assholes about this that it's not even funny. What did you expect? It's a trilogy for teens, of course there's going to be a love triangle, it's pretty much part of the formula now! Yes Chloe was a bit of a bitch about the whole thing but again that brings us back to being a teenager and everything she has to deal with. People fuck up, make mistakes and learn from them. It's part of who we are as humans-or half humans in this case. Its something that everyone does. If you've never hurt someone's feelings or done something that you're not proud of . . . well congratulations, you are a perfection of a biblical persuasion. I think Chloe navigated herself really well in this situation really: She went on about three dates with Brian all of which, while she was dating Alek. That would be horrible, IF NOT for the fact that Alek knew that she was also seeing Brian and he didn't care. Chloe stopped seeing Brian as soon as she agreed to go exclusive with Alyek, and when she realized that she didn't care for him in that way she broke things off respectfully and maturely. And you know what? Unlike most of the heroines in YA fiction, she didn't just run off to the other guy as soon as she broke up with Alek. Chloe didn't need to be in a relationship, and she didn't have to be in a relationship. Sure she liked Brian, but she knew that just because she wasn't with Alex didn't mean she had to be with Brian. She realized that she had bigger things to worry about than dealing with their relationship issues. Chloe cared about Brian and she admitted to herself that didn't mean that she had to be a relationship with him.

A lot of people have complained about the lack of action too. You know that characters need to interact with each other in a way that isn't always violent, right? You can't always have buildings exploding and epic battles. That said I think the chloe king books have a lot of great action in them. You have fights in the night, chase scenes in the street and on rooftops. You have an epic battle on the Golden gate bridge and you have the fight scene between Chloe and the rouge in the last book along with a major character being killed and a wicked betrayal. There are a lot of things that happened that are full of action

Plus chloe was able to mature to the point that she resolved the overarching conflict in the books without violence. What Chloe did was smart and knowledgeable and she should be praised for making that decision. A lot of people just came here expecting the books to be just like the television series and that's not what they are. The books aren't as happy as the television series and they don't gloss over real life problems- they accept them as existing and being things that people really deal with. These books have a wonderful message in the way that they wrap up and are concluded. Not a lot of young adult books end this way. The chloe king books show that even if a person is a bad person, that they're not all bad -there is some good in them and they don't deserve to die just because they've crossed the main character and her friends. Sure, the tenth bladers were total dicks and were way racist, and they did kill a lot of mai, but Chloe dealt with them so so so well. It is something to be proud of.

People just don't give these wonderful books the credit they deserve.

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