The Diviners - Libba Bray

This was wonderful.

I'm in love with Jericho and Sam Loyd. Like, I can sense a love triangle coming and IT WILL TEAR ME APART.

Also Henry. I want to marry Henry. Like a lot.

But not Memphis. Memphis was way too grim and boo-hoo for me. I understand that his Mom died, but I just feel like he's letting life get him down, and blaming the rest of the world for his problems and sadness, while meanwhile he does nothing to fix anything, and that just annoys the hell out of me. If you want a better life try to make it for yourself, don't sit there whining about it. That won't do anything.If he had simply done something anything, literally anything other than just sit there and whine about how sad he was and how cute Theta was . . . I would have liked him. But honestly, Memphis doesn't do anything about his problems other than complain, and that's the person I've actively tried to avoid becoming my entire life, so I couldn't find much respect for him. I did like that he cares about his family though, and that he at least had ambition enough to make money.

Evie annoyed me a lot too, but I also really admired her. Until what happened with the reporters at the end. I wanted to fucking slap her. I feel like she went through all this character development only to have it thrown out the window at the end of the novel, and for what? Some cheap publicity? In the second novel she is going to have a lot of problems.

Mabel was cool, I guess. I hope we see a lot more of her in book two, because she could be better developed. I'd like to see more of her relationship with her parent's, and I definitely think she has the potential to have more interesting sub-plots.

Jericho was sweet and made me cry. He's the type of guy who's actively friendly and gentle without being a pushover, and I liked that. He's the kind of you wanna curl up on the couch with to watch a cliched rom-com as an excuse to cuddle.

Sam Lyod is a huge jerk. He's a thief and a con-man, but he's conflicted about it, and his back story is interesting. Plus, he made me laugh. Points for that.

Theta . . . I can't say enough good things about Theta. Pretty much she's suffered like five times more than Memphis and she still manages to make strides to be happy, and doesn't blame the world for her problems, and knows that it's up to herself to make her dreams come true, and she's just so perfect I can't say enough great things about her. If Memphis is the person I strive not to become, Theta is the person I aspire to be. This girl has gone through so much in her life and she still manages to work towards her goals and try to find happiness wherever she can. She's witty and sarcastic but she still manages to be kind, and she tries to looks n the bright side of things. Theta is my favorite person in the world.

Henry, he was--Henry is basically the guy you would want to marry. Sweet and charming and funny, and always getting the short end of the stick. Henry is my baby.

This book was amazing, the writing was great and the world building fantastic. Research pays off, obviously.

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