Tiger Lily - Jodi Lynn Anderson This honestly has to be the best novel I have ever read. I consumed this is one sitting, curled in my bedroom, reading through the night, the only light coming from my kobo screen. I have not read a novel the way I read this novel in a long time. It was as if the outside world ceased to exist. It was as if nothing were more important to me than this story and these characters and their lives and experiences.

Which eans I'll have to read it again to analyze how the hell the author did that. It's a skill I need to pick up big time.

Tiger Lily was someone I could connect with on a cellular level. We think the same way: we are sure of ourselves, and at the same time so unsure it hurts. We hold our tongues for so many different reasons be they disdain or just feeling unsure of ourselves or afraid of how someone will react to something we say. We don't notice things that we should and we don't know how to fix the things we break, least of all ourselves. And yet we are not without hope, or happiness- in fact, at times we burst with it. We can love without thought or effort. I can't trek silently through the forest, like Tiger Lily does, but I feel her pain, I have known pain like hers- pain of loves lost and family members gone.

This story is so brilliant and so delicate and so important.

If you've read this book, you know what I mean when I say these things, most likely. If you haven't read this book, I can promise you: it is worth your time. It is worth your money. It is worth your thought and emotion. It is worth it. Find a copy, read it, and allow yourself to be lost to wonderland for a while. Go ahead, I dare you- you won't come out unchanged.

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