The Trilogy of Morgalla, Part One:  Diary of a Lonely Demon - Jon David Wow. This has to be the most outright sexist book I have ever read. If a female doesn't like the main character, she is evil, no exceptions. There are spelling and grammar errors throughout the entire thing, and it was so distracting. The author is a total dick to everyone on Amazon, Facebook and DA, and his writing alone shows how misogynistic he is.

This book hates women, plain and simple. It victimizes them, it makes them villains just for disliking the douche of a main character, and it makes them apologize for saying no to men. The love interest herself is forced to apologize just because she doesn't want a relationship with the MC after one date. That's right. He throws a fit and makes her cry. He also just asks out a woman at the gym that he doesn't know and gets mad when she says no. Not to mention the fact that he pressures his girlfriend into sex literally minutes after she tells him she's a rape baby and she wants to take things slow. That's not fucking okay.

Not to mention the plagiarism from the hobbit, which was clear to anyone who has read it.

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