Untitled (The Wicked Powers, #1) - Cassandra Clare
Opinions aside, I'll copy and paste from my dark artifices review here:

Do I think this will be original? No. Not one bit. I love Cassandra Clare's books. They're mindless and fluffy and easy to spend an afternoon or two on to take my mind off of other things. I don't mind spending $22 on a hardcover of something I've already read repackaged and with only a few major/minor changes made. I really don't.

Books are a lot of things: thy are entertaining, they are magical, they are tools we use to learn about various things, and they are sacred to me. But they're also a consumerist's product just like everything else. Every romantic comedy out there has the same basic plot, and I don't mind watching those. In fact I love them. They're mindless entertainment. I don't read Clare for originality--I read her for kicks and good old predictability.

So yes, I will be buying this.

And now . . . OPINIONS:

It's so annoying seeing all the reviews for this popping up on my news feed. Like, we get it guys, you're pissed. Know what? You don't need to keep rehashing it. I don't know why people who hate Clare and her books are so focused on this. Like, yeah you have damned good reasons to dislike her, but if you do, why not just concern yourself with the doings of authors you enjoy? You hate her and her books and yet you're active in the fandom, interacting with fans and writing reviews of her books that amount to a few sentences of how annoying and greedy her and her publisher are? Sorry to say, but it's her publishers job to be greedy. They aren't there to make art, they are there to make cash. It's the authors job to make art, and in this case it may be the same cheap art being changed slightly and then re-packaged, but that doesn't make it not art. It just makes it bad, cheap art.

Really, focusing on how angry this makes you just makes no sense. Go and do something that makes you happy. all this negativity will give you a headache and ruin your day. Jeez.

But honestly, I think it's fine for her to write as many series ass she would like. She has created a detailed vibrant world, so why not use it? We have a bazillion books set in the real world, so why is it so bad to have a bunch set in the shadowhunter world?

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