Shadow of Time - Jen Minkman I didn't finish this. I've added it to my 'lost-interest' shelf, although I may give t a re-read in the future.

Jen Minkman is incredibly cool, and I loved her dystopian novella The island so I wanted to love this, but I just couldn't.

Twilight being the sole exception, I've never been much interested in Paranormal romance (PR), and it turns out I'm still not. There wasn't any one thing that made it a 'lost-interest' decision for me. The characters weren't too remarkable, but I didn't dislike them either. The dialogue felt a bit stiff and formal, but I could handle it. I liked the mythology the most, I think, but I don't know . . . I feel like it wasn't moving fast enough for my tastes, but I pushed on because I was hoping it would improve.

In the end, though, reading it wasn't enjoyable, and I read to enjoy myself. This felt like watching an action movie my dad picked out: mildly entertaining, but something I would only do if it were the only option. The voice that had drawn me into The island was missing from this novel, and in thee end I just had to give up.

If you like PR, I'm sure you'll love this, but for me it just wasn't the right read at the right time, and I needed to look for something else. That said, I still think Jen Minkman is awesome, and I'm more than excited for the upcoming sequel to the island, the waves.

So yeah, if you like Pr, like I said, check this out, because it's definitley got it's high points, but if you aren't a fan of the genre, this might not be for you.

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