Hollowmen (The Hollows, #2) - Amanda Hocking This isn't literary gold or anything, but it's entertaining as hell.

This song is perfect for this series. Just listen to it. It's perfection: no one- by Cold


Edit: There seems to be a lot of slut shaming going on in other reviews. Really guys? There is no such thing as a slut, or a whore, or a hoe- they don't exist. A woman can be sexually involved with anyone she so desires, at any time she so desires. Remy is not doing anything wrong by Lazlo by having a new love interest in this book. Lazlo could die at any moment, as could Remy. They most likely will never speak to each other again by remote means, and I can definitely assure you that it would be a cold day in hell before they just ran into each other randomly. I live, in canada. I was born and raised here, and I can tell you that it is FUCKING HUGE. Without modern means of communication, finding each other is pretty much a lost cause. Trying to move on with someone else after realizing that, does not make Remy a hoe. Because Hoes don't exist, and if a guy were to do the same thing, no one would give him any trouble over it. Now, try thinking about what you say before you fucking say it, because you're just making yourself look stupid as hell when you call a female a slut, whore, or hoe for making the decision to be sexually intimate with someone, whether she is close to them or not, whether she cares about them or not, or whether she plans to make a long-term commitment to them or not. What anyone does with their body and/or their heart is their own fucking decision, so stop judging women for making choices that you excuse in men. have fun with that.

I really enjoyed this, although I missed the characters from the first book. I definitely was not okay with the fates of Lazlo (Remy and he will never see each other again, most likely), Harlow (She was mentioned maybe four times, and the fact that she's dead makes me want to hit something. Finding out she was gone actually made me tear up a tiny bit. I really really loved Harlow.), and Blue (Blue's zombification and ensuing death was kind of really fucked up.) At the same time it made it feel way more realistic, though. I really wish Amanda Hocking would write a third book, since it was a very vauge and inconclusive ending, but alas this is planned as a duology. Maybe she will try to have them published traditionally one day, and they'll get a more professional round of editing. I would really love to read a version that had been polished up a bit like the re-published Trylle books, but all in all this series is really fun, and it makes a good read. I have some faults with it, and there was a bit of logic lacking in the beginning, but it just improved and got better as it went. I love the characters and the world, despite their faults, and I appreciate the work Amanda Hocking s clearly put into it. This may be my favorite series of hers, even though I did enjoy MBA, Trylle, and I'm loving Watersong- this just had a spark and tone to it that the others don't.

*Crosses fingers for possible future third book that Amanda won't talk about yet and explained why in her ideas VS. things blog which you can find here and is definitely worth a read.* (her blog is my favorite.)

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