Wake  - Amanda Hocking
I enjoyed Amanda's previous novel series', 'my blood approves' and 'the trylle trilogy'. They weren't great, and they had a few cliches, but the Trylle books were very original and while they weren't great, but they were interesting.

Wake is a whole different song and dance. I can only describe my experience with this book like so:

Say you love coffee crisp bars,and you go to the store one day and see that Nestle, the company that makes coffee crisp bars, also makes kit-kat bars. You buy a kit-kat in good faith because you trust nestle to be tasty. When you bite into the kit-kat, however, you are blown away.

THIS BOOK WAS MY KIT-KAT. I loved it! I couldn't put it down- the setting was great the characters were great and the plot as incredible. This is definitely a series you wanna read.

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